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I’m a blogger and writer from Shawville, Quebec. I blog about maps at The Map Room, review books for AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review, and edit a fanzine called Ecdysis. More about me.

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Copyediting Science Fiction and Fantasy

Deanna Hoak is a freelance copyeditor who specializes in science-fiction and fantasy novels; her blog is full of entries about copyediting that offer interesting insights into that line of work — which I have to admit I’m more than a bit curious about. (No surprise: I’m both a science-fiction fan and someone whose government work usually involves copyediting in some form or other, though editing draft regulations isn’t quite the same thing.) Posts of hers that stood out for me include Proofreading vs. Copyediting, The Copyediting Process, The Importance of Style Sheets, My Start in Publishing, and Understanding Your Copyedited Manuscript.

Further reading: Teresa Nielsen Hayden’s Making Book, which I read back in 2005.