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Two New Pit Viper Species

Via National Geographic Daily News: two new species of Asian pit viper — Crypetlytrops cardamomensis, the Cardamom Mountains Green Pit Viper, and Crypetlytrops rubeus, the Ruby-eyed Green Pit Viper — have been described in an article published in Zootaxa (PDF). Some of the specimens assigned to C. rubeus were previously assigned to the Large-eyed Green Pit Viper, Cryptelytrops (Trimeresurus) macrops, which has also been redescribed in this article. According to the article, the new species are morphologically, genetically, and geographically distinct from other pit vipers (which is more than can be said for some new species). Not only that, from the accompanying photos it’s clear that these are very pretty snakes.