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‘A Rough-Hewn Kind of Beauty’

College professor Kim Pearson has ankylosing spondylitis. In that context I’ve known her in an online sense for years, though we’ve never actually met. Last week, she wrote an entry in BlogHer’s “Own Your Beauty” series about what AS did to her body image (her case was quite severe) and how she came to terms with it. One thing she did was to post photos of herself “from toddlerhood to middle age”:

Seeing the photos over the years helped me absorb the truth that the body I had once had, the one that pressed its strength against the world, danced in moonlight, and rose with the dawn to suckle my first born — that body had been transformed. What has replaced it may not be as graceful on the outside, but it has its own rough-hewn appeal. It endures. it holds off the ravages of time so I can love a bit longer and learn a bit more. And it still lets me dance.

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