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Three Weeks of Piroxicam

I’ve been on piroxicam for three weeks now (see previous entry). It’s still hard to say how well it treats my AS, especially compared with naproxen.

At the very least I can report that I haven’t noticed any side effects so far. It appears that I’m tolerating piroxicam at least as well as naproxen. It’s harder to figure out how well it’s dealing with my symptoms. I’ve been in flare for the past couple of weeks, but that’s happened often enough with naproxen. I’ve also been expecting elevated pain and inflammation during the changeover.

There have been some differences in how the pain and inflammation are distributing themselves: lately it’s been more severe at the SI joint, less so at the peripheral joints. I’ve also been feeling a bit less drained and a bit more lively. The extent to which I can attribute that to the piroxicam, and not to the placebo effect or the fluctuations in my symptoms (which generally range from somewhat noticeable to fucking-OW), that I don’t know yet. It’s still too early to tell.