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I’m a blogger and writer from Shawville, Quebec. I blog about maps at The Map Room, review books for AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review, and edit a fanzine called Ecdysis. More about me.

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My Kryptonite

As I said on Twitter yesterday, outages are my kryptonite. I can put up with a lot of crap, and I don’t whine nearly as much as some people I know, but outages invariably send me around the bend, probably due to the feeling of powerlessness they engender. For example, over the last three days my web server has been imploding like clockwork every morning. Which means that I’ve been starting every day for the last three days all freaked out and grouchy. They moved my account to another server today, which should be the end of it unless something running on my account is to blame. (Can’t think what.)

Three kinds of outage affect me on a semi-regular basis: power, Internet service provider, and website. Power outages are the worst: they happen surprisingly frequently out here, so much so that we have UPSes for the computers, which don’t help for longer, multi-hour outages (and we’ve had a few of those over the past year). ISP outages are common enough that I have Eastlink on speed-dial, but my anxiety over their occurrence has largely been assuaged by having 3G on my iPad: it’s not often that 3G and cable are out at the same time. Even when the power is out, I can usually stay connected via the iPad.

For some reason, my long-term plans include off-grid backup power.