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2011 in Short SF and Fantasy

I’ve been quite bad at keeping up with reading the science fiction magazines this year; that’s something I hope to do better on from now on (watch this space). In the meantime, it’s a daunting thought to go back and read through all of the past year’s issues. I could use short fiction reviews as a guide: Locus, for example, publishes short fiction reviews by Gardner Dozois and Rich Horton in each issue. Both edit best-of-the-year anthologies, so reading all the genre’s short fiction is part of the job requirement. And now that it’s the end of the year, those best-of-the-year editors are starting to sum things up. Horton has published roundups of the best stories published in Asimov’s and Analog; I presume more summaries of more sources are to come. And just today, Jonathan Strahan has announced the table of contents for his upcoming best-of-the-year anthology. If nothing else, these are starting points, i.e., if I’m going to try and catch up, where do I start?

Update, Dec. 5: Rich Horton’s look at the year in F&SF.

Update, Dec. 8: Gardner Dozois has announced the table of contents for his best-of-the-year anthology; Michael Swanwick reprints it.

Update, Dec. 16: The table of contents for Rich Horton’s best-of-the-year anthology has been announced.

Update, Dec. 20: Lois Tilton’s picks for the best short SF, at Locus Online.