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At Ceres

Ceres in Half Shadow

As of today the Dawn spacecraft is now in orbit of Ceres. Because Dawn’s trajectory puts it in the dwarf planet’s shadow, it’ll be the middle of next month before se start seeing better-resolution images than we’ve seen so far as it approached. The above images were taken from 40,000 km away on February 25.

Meanwhile, early images of Ceres have already been assembled into a preliminary equirectangular mosaic:

Ceres (mosaic)

No labels yet, because nothing’s been named yet: this is the first time we’ve seen these features. But Gazeteer of Planetary Nomenclature says that, in keeping with Ceres’ origin as the name for the Roman goddess of agriculture, Ceres’ craters will be named for “[g]ods and goddesses of agriculture and vegetation from world mythology”; other features will be named for agricultural festivals.