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I review books on a number of different subjects: principally science fiction and fantasy, but also nonfiction, especially cartography and maps, science (astronomy and herpetology in particular) and history.

My reviews have appeared in a number of different venues. I review Canadian science fiction for AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review, books about maps and cartography on The Map Room, and books on diverse subjects here on my personal website. This page serves as a hub for all of them.

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  • Links to my published reviews (including those for AE) can be found on the Articles page.
  • For recent reviews of books about maps and cartography, see The Map Room’s Book Reviews category.
  • For other recent reviews, see this website’s Book Reviews category.
  • I’ve organized my reviews from all sources, including the foregoing, into yearly archive pages; see Reviews by Year at the top of this page.
  • An index of all reviews, organized by subject, is also available.

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