Reading Gardner Dozois

In my post about the passing of Gardner Dozois, I mentioned that I was a fan of his fiction, even if his reputation was mainly as an editor. I’d forgotten that his backlist is back in print, at least as ebooks: Baen Books reissued a bunch of them in 2012, and it now appears that all his novels and collections, including the heretofore-elusive collection of his collaborations, Slow Dancing Through Time, can be had for a few dollars each. I list those books below. (Warning: contains slimy affiliate links.) I’ve also gone and assembled a list of his stories that can be read for free online, also below. Because I think he needs to be read.

If you’d like to read something about Dozois’s fiction, there’s Being Gardner Dozois (Old Earth Books, 2001) a book-length interview conducted by Michael Swanwick that discusses every single story Dozois had published to that point. Toward the end of that book, Dozois said, “I figure there’s about five people in the world who are going to want to read this book. Maybe that’s overestimating it.” Bear in mind that it’s not a book you should read unless you’ve read his fiction. But it’s fascinating if you have. [Amazon/iBooks]

Short Stories Available Online

A few of Dozois’s short stories are available online, either as reprints or as sample chapters for the collections Baen brought back into print.

Short Story Collections

All of Dozois’s collections are available as ebooks. There is a great deal of overlap in the later collections (Geodesic Dreams and onward), which reprint his significant older stories (most of which are also found in The Visible Man) and add more recent material.

A good starter combination might be Strange Days and When the Great Days Come: there’s only some overlap in the stories.


Dozois wrote only three novels, two of them in collaboration.

  • Nightmare Blue (Berkley, 1975). A so-called “potboiler” co-written with George Alec Effinger. [Amazon/Baen/iBooks]
  • Strangers (Berkley, 1978). An expansion of a 1974 novella with the same name; the original novella can be found in Strange Days. [Amazon/Baen/iBooks]
  • Hunter’s Run (HarperVoyager, 2007). Co-written with Daniel Abraham and George R. R. Martin, this is an expansion of “Shadow Twin,” a novella published in 2004. [Amazon/iBooks]