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Winnipeg’s Worldcon Bid

Yesterday a bid was launched for Winnipeg to host the 2023 Worldcon. (The website is bare bones; bid filing documents can be found in this zip file.) As a Winnipeg native I have feelings about this—particularly since I had to miss the 1994 Winnipeg Worldcon on account of moving for graduate school. If they land the bid I will, of course, be there, pandemic permitting. (It should be over by then, right?) They’re up against already-announced bids for Chengdu and Memphis, Tennessee; I suspect that Winnipeg—which I can tell you is very nice in late August—will offer an out for fans uncomfortable with travelling to either of those locations.


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  1. I suspect that Winnipeg is going to have a lot of “neutral ground” attraction for a lot of people who help decide these things.

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