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Some Excitement at a Former Address

It’s weird seeing your old apartment building in the news, even weirder when it does so repeatedly. In the nearly two decades since we lived at 200 Boulevard de la Cité-des-Jeunes, it has had all kinds of coverage due to its increasingly decrepit condition. The 15-storey apartment block was bought by new owners last November; said new owners have been trying to get the current tenants to move out in order to renovate the building. Some tenants have been pushing back against what they see as a renoviction, and won their initial challenge at the tribunal. The owners are trying again, making four-figure offers to the holdout tenants; hearings at the Tribunal administratif du logement are being held this month. [Most links in French.]


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  1. I hope that the tenants end up with good, affordable-for-them housing out of this.

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