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Month: November 2022

The Howard Waldrop Cinematic Universe

Waldrop at Readercon (2011)

It turns out that “Night of the Cooters” isn’t the only Howard Waldrop story George R. R. Martin is making into a short film. According to Deadline, George is producing a total of four short films based on Waldrop stories. In addition to “Cooters,” which premiered last July, “Friends Forever” (which I don’t recognize) is in post, “Mary Margaret Road-Grader” is filming now, and “The Ugly Chickens” is about to start shooting with Felicia Day in the lead role. The idea seems to be to collect them into produce an anthology film or series.

George bought the film rights to Waldrop’s stories four years ago, it seems, which probably went some way to ensuring that his oldest friend in sf stays fed (Howard’s talent for making the least amount of money from his work is legendary). As I said last week on social media, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea that a Howard Waldrop short-film anthology is actually a real thing that is actually happening in this benighted timeline.

How to Grow (and Explode) Giant Pumpkins

How do you grow a giant pumpkin? Scientific American answers the question with a profile of Travis Gienger, who grew one weighing a record-setting 2,560 pounds (1,161 kg). But what do you do with a giant pumpkin? David Letterman answered that question in 2003: you blow it up.

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