Fantasy Maps Don’t Belong in the Hands of Fantasy Characters, 28 May 2019
What Does a Fantasy Map Look Like?, 19 Mar 2019
The Dúnedain and the Deep Blue Sea: On Númenórean Navigation, 7 Nov 2018
God and the Machines: The Short Fiction of Peter Watts
AE, 25 May 2015
As “Dieu et les machines : les nouvelles de Peter Watts,” afterword to Au-delà du gouffre by Peter Watts (St-Mammès: Le Bélial’, 2016). Translated by Erwann Perchoc.
Here Be Blank Spaces: Vaguely Medieval Fantasy Maps
The New York Review of Science Fiction 300 (Aug 2013)
How Snake Keepers Should React to the Python Tragedy
Ottawa Citizen, 8 Aug 2013
Raising Baby Garter Snakes: Some Personal Observations
The Garter Snake, Apr 2005

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